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     Peru Motorcycle Tours, has designed a unique series of programs enabling you to explore Peru and its neighboring countries in a very special way that mixes adventure with culture. On Honda XR motorcycles you will have the freedom to really get to know the culture and landscapes you pass through. We will take you through remote towns and landscapes that vary from beautiful fertile valleys to the world's most arid deserts. We will cross the Andes, seeing Lake Titicaca and visiting Cotahuasi and Colca, the world's deepest canyons. Along the way we will glimpse the American cameloids (llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco), pink flamingos, sea lions and seals and the Humboldt penguin.

    Peru Motorcycle Tours

    We invite you on an unbeatable adventure in the company of experts. You will be guided by people who really know the terrain, always accompanied by a supporting vehicle carrying a team of expert mechanics. Trips last from 1 day in the Cusco region to expeditions through Peru, Chile and Bolivia. Study our itineraries and if you don't find one to suit your needs, then get in touch with us and let us help you to design your own itinerary.

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